Jouhoud Integrated Food Industries (Jouhoud) is a Libyan joint stock company (private sector) established in 2015 and headquartered in Tripoli, Libya.

Jouhoud Company was established by a world-class investment group to provide integrated business of various types of food products; and innovative and reliable natural drinks to customers and consumers throughout Libya and the markets of neighboring countries.

The company was established in accordance with the Libyan Commercial Law with a registered capital of 5 million Libyan Dinars under a Commercial Registration No. 77977 and a registration in Tripoli Chamber of Commerce and Industry No. 1033/1 and an Industrial License No. 2034.

Overall Policy

The company's policy is based on the following:

  1. Providing 100% Libyan products with a quality compatible to foreign products and giving attention to the current market level.
  2. Continuing development and maintaining forefront.
  3. Selecting the finest raw materials and packaging materials in order to reach a high standard of quality and achieve medium rates of financial revenue to ensure efficiency.
  4. Good selection of cadres and competencies while ensuring the involvement of young people and reinforcing team spirit and the sense of belonging within the company.
  5. Adhering to the principles of honest competition and dedication on self-work.

The Company Factories

Jouhoud Company for Food Industries is currently completing an integrated factory for packaging edible oils of various kinds. The factory is considered one of the largest factories that have been implemented in the region by the best and latest industrial systems with a production capacity of up to 12000 liters per hour.

The factory contains 4 tanks with a capacity of 5000 tons of vegetable oil.

Quality and Consumer Safety Procedures

The implementation of quality and consumer safety principles is significantly important at all stages of production. Therefore, our company is committed to applying quality and safety standards through the following points:

  • Considering all laws necessary to ensure the health safety of humans and animals as well as the safety of the environment.
  • Being aware and fully understanding the needs of our customers compared to our competitors based on which we are able to better implement the principles of quality and consumer safety.
  • Applying the best standards for quality and consumer safety in the market in accordance with the objectives of our company.
  • Implementing documentation system to ensure the implementation of safety procedures for all products, raw and packaging materials.
  • Designing, developing and supplying high quality products for the local market.
  • Identifying the critical stages which require high degree of control through the production process, in order to achieve consumer safety.

We have a highly efficient supply chain to ensure the quality and safety of our consumers:

  • A list of highly trusted suppliers to supply raw and packaging materials.
  • A highly efficient management of storage and distribution process.
  • Ensuring that all of our partners (suppliers, distributors, and traders) are committed to implementing the quality and consumer safety policy of Jouhoud Company.
  • Annually evaluating the quality of our products compared to other competing products.
  • Taking into account all comments received from our clients (especially complaints) and quickly performing all necessary investigation to ensure that such complaints are not repeated again.
  • Implementing a system of periodic review for all procedures and ensure that they comply with the company's policy for quality and consumer safety; and also make any necessary improvements in these procedures when necessary.
  • Maintaining the excellence of the quality of our products in the market.
  • Protecting our customers from any fraud that may occur.

The Company's Vision for Quality and Consumer Safety

The success of our company is expressed in our ability to satisfy our customers by applying the latest programmes to ensure the highest quality and safety for our customers.

Jouhoud Company ensures consumer safety through the application of up-to-date programmes and research, development, brand management and supply chain.

  • Each employee is responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of products in all the tasks he/ she performs.
  • Ensure that all employees and workers are fully aware of the standards and principles of safety and quality assurance from the outset.
  • Quality assurance and control team monitors and supervises the implementation of all necessary systems as well as providing full support to ensure best quality and safety.