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An effort for integrated food industries (efforts) is a Libyan shareholding company (private sector) founded in 2015 and headquartered in Tripoli, Libya.

Efforts is to establish a global investment group to deliver integrated business of all kinds of food products and natural beverages and innovative and reliable food for customers and consumers throughout Libya and the markets of neighbouring States.

In accordance with Libyan commercial law legislation, the company has registered 5 million million Libyan dinars (KD) under commercial Registration No. 77977 and a registration of the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce and Industry No. 1033/1 and Industrial Licence No. 2034.


quality and safety

Our company's success shows how much we can satisfy our customers by applying the latest software to ensure the highest quality and safety rates for our consumers......


Company factories

The food industries effort Company is currently completing an integrated plant for the packing of all kinds of edible oils and is one of the largest factories ......


Public policy

The policy of the company for food Industries is based on the following:

1. Provision of 100% quality Libyan products with foreign products and interest in the current market level....